Back Defender Repairs/Exchanges

If you are in need of maintenance for your back defender you have two choices:

  • Send your rig back for repair (which we Highly recommend).
  • Buy one piece (which we DO NOT recommend).

The metal that is attached to the down members is permanently attached. We remove all four of your belt keepers, and metal clips. Replace both with brand new parts, making the most wearable items brand new. We also replace the bottom rivets if necessary.

The cost for regular belt keepers including return shipping is $42.50
The cost for hidden snap, or nylon belt keepers including return shipping is $47.50

Please unthread your top H harness from the four down members. USPS is the most efficient and cost effective way to return your parts. Use a small flat rate box, and insert a copy of the receipt. Ship it to us; we do repairs/exchanges before we do live orders. We’re not going to sit on your Back Defender and not get it back to you ASAP!

Please use the repair form to complete your transaction.

Broken Metal Repair