Frequently Asked Questions

Your duty pants need to have at least one and a half inches of extra room. We have less than a two percent return rate, and the majority are from officers who’s pants are to tight.

You need one and a half to two inches of extra room in your duty belt. Yes, if you have been cinching up your duty belt like a saddle this will feel weird at first.

We tell every officer the Back Defender takes two weeks to get used to, and that you will cuss us the first 3 days during the preliminary adjustment period. Most officers get used to the Back Defender in 3-5 days.

The Back Defender can be worn over or under any type of bullet proof vest. We recommend officer wear it over their vest. The Back Defender has been ballistically tested and shown not to have any impact on the Bullet proof vest. Our officers who are on entry teams actually wear the Back Defender under their entry vest so that they can support the weight of their leg holster.

Just like any new piece of equipment there is a learning curve that has to be addressed. Typically this learning curve takes about 3-5 days on shift to get used to. After 8-10 days on shift, the Back Defender should not take you any longer than 30 extra seconds to dress and undress. The process will become second nature like presenting your duty weapon.

You do have to remove all your gear, but you do not have to take off the Back Defender. When using the restroom just unsnap your four belt keepers, take off the duty belt, and drop your pants, your ready to go. With that being said; DO NOT try to make a quick restroom stop for the first couple of days, remember the learning curve. After a couple of weeks wearing the Back Defender bathroom time will become negligible.

We build and ship most orders within two- five business days from the day we receive an order. Historically the post office has been delivering in three business days in the states.

Our return policy is 30 days on duty, not 30 calendar days. But, we stand behind our product 100% should a problem arise contact us and we will work out a solution to your satisfaction. If you cut/modify the back defender in any way prior to returning it you will only receive a partial refund.

Yes, if your belly hangs over the Duty Belt the Back Defender will be uncomfortable. The Back Defender was not designed to support your midsection, it was designed to support your Duty Belt only. The back defender needs to be worn around your mid section not under it.

No. Our inner belt is the same as a high quality nylon inner belt. We sell the inner belt with the system because we found that some of our officers wear a thick leather/Velcro inner belt, and our inner belt is more plyable and thinner making the Back Defender easier to use.

Yes. We have a back defender configured to meet your height/weight, please check out the scaled down version in the video section.

Yes, but contact us first, we will not put cheap inferior products on the Back Defenderâ„¢.