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Our External Suspenders are made to wear Underneath an external vest carrier, or if you choose outside of your uniform shirt.

External Suspender video overview:

The External Suspenders DO NOT have a place to tuck in your shirt.

These Suspenders are the best on the market for what they do.
- Distribute weight evenly
- conform to your uniform code, by using actual belt keepers
- made to last for years
- utilize the same top harness found on the Back Defender, (we have sold over 8,000 Back Defenders over the last four years, and have never had a single problem with the top harness)

We are selling these because officers requested a more comfortable, longer lasting, and more stable suspender for use under their external vest carrier.

With that being said: we are against using these as external suspenders, (outside of your uniform), because of their inherent flaws: an assailant being given a grab point in an altercation.