Back Defender Information

The Back Defender™ is the only concealed duty belt suspension system available on the market. The Back Defender™ functions like a pair of suspenders. The difference between The Back Defender™ and regular duty suspenders is simple: The Back Defender™ is designed to be worn under your shirt.

This effective internal suspender system does not require clothing modification. Police Officers who have used The Back Defender™ have reported an 82-100% decrease in pain from symptoms caused by their current duty belts. Symptoms caused by duty belts such as: low back pain, knee pain, foot pain, kidney pressure, headaches, sleep loss, fatigue, hip bruising, and leg numbness/tingling. The Back Defender™ complies with all uniform codes – no one will even know you are wearing one.

The Back Defender™ takes two weeks to get used to (the learning curve). The Back Defender™ also requires officers to loosen their duty belt at least one and a half inches, and officers MUST have duty pants with at least one and a half inches of extra room in the waist line. Do not buy the Back Defender™ if you are impatient, do not have the extra room in your duty pants or your duty belt.

The Back Defender™ has been proven to:

  • Remove the weight of the Duty Belt off the hips and lower back.
  • Allow officers the ability to perform at maximum performance standards.
  • Help keep the shirts tucked in during physical activity.
  • Prevent the need to adjust the duty belt when exiting the patrol vehicle.
  • Allow officers to engage in foot pursuits without the need to hold onto the duty belt.
  • Enhance weapon retention.
  • Enable the officer to stand pain free for longer periods of time without fatigue.

The Back Defender™ has been approved and is currently being used by Law Enforcement Officers in all 50 States, and 7 countries.

The Back Defender™ does not prevent or protect the user from injury.