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How loose do my duty pants need to be?

Answer: Your duty pants need to have at least one and a half inches of extra room.  We have less than a two percent return rate, and the majority are from officers who's pants are to tight.

Question: How much adjustment do I need in my duty belt?

Answer: You need one and a half to two inches of extra room in your duty belt.  Yes, if you have been cinching up your duty belt like a saddle this will feel weird at first.

Question? How long does the Back Defender take to get used to?

Answer: We tell every officer the Back Defender takes two weeks to get used to, and that you will cuss us the first 3 days during the preliminary adjustment period.  Most officers get used to the Back Defender in 3-5 days.

Question:  Can the Back Defender be worn over a bullet proof vest?

Answer:  The Back Defender can be worn over or under any type of bullet proof vest.  We recommend officer wear it over their vest.  The Back Defender has been  ballistically tested and shown not to have any impact on the Bullet proof vest.  Our officers who are on entry teams actually wear the Back Defender under their entry vest so that they can support the weight of their leg holster.

Question:  The Back Defender looks like it will take a lot of work to dress and undress.

Answer:  Just like any new piece of equiptment there is a learning curve that has to be addressed.  Typically this learning curve takes about 3-5 days on shift to get used to.  After 8-10 days on shift, the Back Defender should not take you any longer than 30 extra seconds to dress and undress.  The process will become second nature like presenting your duty weapon.

Question:  (this is an actual question)  Restroom use.  In the event of needing to use the restroom after that dreaded beef double bean burrito, do you need to remove all the gear and go through the process of putting it all back together again?  I have had situations where it was a close call to get to the nearest restroom and almost had to make an uncomfortable trip back to the station.  What is the standing procedure for this predicament?
Answer:  You do have to remove all your gear, but you do not have to take off the Back Defender.  When using the restroom just un-snap your four belt keepers, take off the duty belt, and drop your pants, your ready to go.  With that being said;  DO NOT  try to make a quick restroom stop for the first couple of days, remember the learning curve.  After a couple of weeks wearing the Back Defender bathroom time will become negligable.
Question:  How fast will I recieve a Back Defender after I order one?
Answer:  We build and ship most orders within two- five business days from the day we recieve an order.  Historically the post office has been delivering in three business days in the states.
Question:  What is your return policy?
Answer:  Our return policy is 30 days on duty, not 30 calender days.  But, we stand behind our product 100% should a problem arise contact us and we will work out a solution to your satisfaction.

Question: I have gained weight since I got out of the academy, will this impact the way The Back Defender supports the Duty Belt?

Answer:  Yes, if your belly hangs over the Duty Belt the Back Defender will be uncomfortable.  The Back Defender was not designed to support your midsection, it was designed to support your Duty Belt only. 

Question:  Do I need to purchase your inner belt?
Answer:  No.  Our inner belt is the same as a thin nylon inner belt.  We sell the inner belt with the system because we found that some of our officers wear a thick leather/ velcro inner belt, and our inner belt is more plyable and thinner making the Back Defender easier to use.

Question:  Do you offer any discounts on quantity purchases?
Answer:  No.  What we do offer is free inner belts, on orders over 20.
Question:  Are there  custom applications for different assignments ie:  bike patrol, mounted patrol, motorcycle, detective?
Answer:  Yes, call us:
Josh:  817-313-9738
Robin:  817-703-5241
 Question:  I'm 5'3"  and have a 22 inch waist will the Back Defender work for me?
Answer:  Possibly,  however we have found that thin officers do not have a much room on their duty belt to accomodate the four belt keepers as someone with a 36" wasist.  With that being said we do have custom applications that might work for you, call us.
 Question:  I have scoliosis will the Back Defender work for me?
Answer:  Probably not,  with our past experience dealing with officers who suffer from scoliosis we have found that the severity dictates how well the Back Defender works.  If you have a severe case do not order the Back Defender, if you have a mild case call us so we can discuss with you what to expect.